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Please Note: This performance has been postponed until further notice


The life of Artimus Pyle, former drummer for the supergroup Lynyrd Skynyrd, has taken turns hard for many to imagine.

The Artimus Pyle Band performs at the Mauch Chunk Opera House in Jim Thorpe on Saturday, May 7 at 8:30 PM.

Artimus PyleMany called him the “Wild Man” of the rock group Lynyrd Skynyrd, but Artimus Pyle started out more as a “Country Man.” Thomas Delmar Pyle was born on July 15, 1948, in Louisville, KY. He spent many of his childhood hours either on the back of a horse or behind the controls of a bulldozer.

When Pyle was nine years old, his mother bought his first musical instruments, some bongos. Three years later his father got him a used set of drums. It wasn’t long before young Pyle had put together his first band, the Thom Thumbs.

Artimus PyleIn the late ’60s, fresh out of high school, Pyle joined the Marine Corps. He was in training to be sent overseas when the Vietnam War ended. As soon as his enlistment was up, Pyle returned his attention to music and education, taking up the drums again and enrolling in the Tennessee Technical College. This was the place where he went from being Thomas Pyle to Artimus Pyle, teasingly giving the nickname after the virgin Artimus.

In the early ’70s, Pyle landed gigs in bands like Charlie Daniels’ and the Marshall Tucker Band. With a little help from Daniels, Pyle got to show off his talents to Ronnie Van Zant, performing with the Lynyrd Skynyrd band in Jacksonville at the Sergeant Pepper’s Club. At the end of 1974, when founding member Bob Burns parted from Skynyrd, it was Pyle who was called in to fill his shoes. He toured with the band, recording a number of albums, up till 1977, when a plane crash instantly snuffed out the lives of three members, Ronnie Van Zant, Steve Gaines, and his sister Cassie. Road manager Dean Kilpatrick was also killed.

Pyle and other members survived the terrible crash, but the band didn’t. Pyle, never one to call it quits, went on with his music the best he could. In 1981 he put together the A.P.B. with members like Darryl Otis Smith, John Boerstler, and Steve Lockhart. The A.P.B. is sometimes called the Artimus Pyle Band, sometimes All Points Bulletin. A year later, the group released a debut album, A.P.B., under the MCA Records label. Some of the tracks fans will find on this offering are It Ain’t the Whiskey, Rock and Roll Each Other, and She’s My Baby. In 1983, the band released a second album, Nightcaller.

Artimus PyleFour years later, Pyle joined the Skynyrd Tribute Tour, and even recorded another Skynyrd album in 1991 before leaving the group. A concert set, Live from Planet Earth, by the Artimus Pyle Band was issued in 2000.

After a long hiatus, a new studio album, Artimus Venomus, appeared in 2007 on Cleopatra Records. Billboard Magazine enthusiastically praised this new set of music, saying, “Musically, longtime Skynyrd fans will have plenty to sink their teeth into – Artimus Venomous is all lean, mean Southern boogie throughout…”

This article is taken from Allmusic.com. Mr. Pyle’s Southern Rock band, The Artimus Pyle Band, performs at the Mauch Chunk Opera House in Jim Thorpe on Saturday, May 7.



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On May 1, former Byrds and Flying Burritto great Chris Hillman visits with accompanist Don Pederson. Not only will you get some insight to what made the Byrds perhaps the greatest American classic rock band, but it will also be about as close as you can get to Gram Parsons, the massively influential singer-songwriter who Hillman teamed up with for years.

With a much different sound, but continuing in a uniquely Americana vein, Yarn, the Brooklyn-based alt-folk-country-rock band takes over on May14th, epitomizing an accessible, melodic indie sound.

New Yorkers: We’re only 2 hours from the GWB! Philly folk – only an hour and 15!

Carbon Leaf at the Mauch Chunk Opera House

Carbon Leaf

Todd Snider, the folk troubador recently profiled in Rolling Stone and The Village Voice takes the stage on the 21st, sure to attract his usual legions of dedicated fans. We wouldn’t be surprised to see him hanging out in town the next day, he seems to have taken a shine to our town.

A group seemingly poised for that next step to commercial success is Carbon Leaf, a popular Celtic folk-rock band from Richmond, VA set to visit on Friday, May 27. A lush, soft-rock mix reminiscent of acoustic Celtic and Hootie and the Blowfish, and having toured with Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer, and the Counting Crows, it seems like just a matter of time. Here’s an excellent video.

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