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Editor’s Note: This is the inaugural JT Biker’s Blog article. They will appear about twice a month, or as our author experiences new adventures in the JT countryside that should be shared with you, our readers. Thanks for visiting!

As the grip of winter begins to loosen, a rebirth advances over the Northern hemisphere with the entrance of spring.

This is when the Earth rejuvenates with life, and so does the human spirit, towards outdoor adventure. There is no better way to free yourself from cabin fever than experiencing the world on two wheels.

20130323ImageblogThe goals of each cyclist exiting the winter months are varied. Some look to a competitive race season, others look to be in better shape than their riding companions, while most cyclists want to achieve a comfort level on a bicycle more in tune with family fun & vacations.

Regardless the reason, a distinct freedom is afforded to the individual who is the cyclist. Detachment from the high tech, day to day, to interact with the natural world and get a little exercise defines the essence of the human spirit.

Whether you are crushing technical single track, spinning on your favorite country road, or hitting the rail trail on a family outing, keep your path bright and freedom will be found.


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There is now cautious optimism  that the work on the Rails to Trails path from the Nesquehoning Trestle to Jim Thorpe can proceed since various legal and logistical hurdles have recently been cleared. The latest information is that the Carbon County Commissioners have resolved litigation issues with the former owner of the land needed to begin construction of the path. So now, the process of bidding the construction can hopefully begin and with luck the path may well be a reality sometime in the Spring of 2010.

This will not only open up and complete or gorgeous ride into JimThorpe from Glen Onoko State Park, but it will help move attention onto the construction of a bridge over the Lehigh River near the site of the current sewage treatment plan that will connect bicyclists and hikers to the beautiful segment of the trail that continues on to Weissport. In addition, the business lost to Jim Thorpe because riders could not complete the journey into town will now be able to return.

A brief perusal of the internet shows that the economic benefits of Rails to Trails paths are well-established and touted in Pennsylvania by State Representative Keith McCall, Representative John Murtha, and Tom Murphy, the mayor of Pittsburgh. Riders typically occupy a higher income bracket and not only spend tourist dollars in the towns they visit, but are then able to consider returning as residents and business owners.

Copyright 2009 Jim Thorpe Chamber of Commerce

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