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Well, it’s been a while since your intrepid correspondent checked in with Penelope over at the Soapothecary, but what awaited me struck me really as sort of visual, and tactile, art as well an olfactory pleasure that I didn’t fully recall.Soapothecary in Jim Thorpe PA

But it all came back to me quickly. They say your sense of smell is the source of your most vivid recollections.

People wandered in and out and she let everyone know that touching and smelling the product was a good thing (except when it’s some of her natural laundry detergent since it’s a powder), in order to get the full measure of all the types of soap available.

Soapothecary in Jim Thorpe PARight now, she’s dreaming up something for Jim Thorpe’s Earth Day Celebration, an event that grows each year. And there’s a clear fit – everything is made with natural vegetable ingredients, and no animals are involved.

In general, there’s the fragrant air of creativity, especially when you peruse the various new soaps that have been just made, but not yet cut into bars.

The Soapothecary has a big presence online  – just click here.

Otherwise, the brick-and-mortar and soapmaking operation is at the Douglas House on the first floor, just up Broadway from the traffic light in downtown Jim Thorpe. The address is 77 BroadwaySoapothecary Jim Thorpe PA

When you get there, just relax and let your senses take it in. The store is really an extension of Penelope herself, and you couldn’t be more welcome. Enjoy!


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I’m telling you – you don’t know what a temptation soap is!

And this is a guy saying that.

Soapothecary Jim Thorpe

Hawaiian Plumeria

At first, the extent of my association with soap consisted of my mother making me wash off glorious dirt accumulated on the playground all day. No fun there!

Then there was the long-resisted transition to adulthood, but still – soap was essentially about showering and getting out the door.

But now that we’re all grown up, it turns out that soap and its many cousins are a lot of fun, even for a guy.

And a truly fun local shop is Soapothecary in downtown Jim Thorpe, two blocks up Broadway.

The store, relocated to Jim Thorpe’s Douglas House in summer 2010 and constantly changing as new products are introduced, offers a fantastic variety of all-natural olive oil soaps and luxurious skin care products – all handmade on site by local soapmaker, Penelope Briggeman.

Soapothecary Jim Thorpe

Various soaps

“It began as a hobby in my basement,” she says modestly. “When my friends and family began knocking on my door asking for more soap, my entrepreneurial spirit kind of took over.”

She moved into a store front and has never looked back. As natural skin care products and herbal remedies have entered the mainstream, and consumers look for alternatives to mass-produced products, her customer base has steadily grown.

Word of mouth has taken care of the rest. Ten years later, Ms. Briggeman has expanded her line to include lotions, facial products, creams, shower gels and body sprays.

Handmade Soap

The Soapothecary

Her newest effort is the creation of a range of natural home cleaners and products, diversifying her offerings even further.  Ms. Briggeman holds herself to strict production standards, using only all-natural, renewable ingredients. Nothing animal, synthetic  or petroleum-based is found in her soaps.

Here’s Penelope on Blue Ridge Cable TV demonstrating her technique!

Soapothecary is located at 77 Broadway in the Douglas House Market. It’s a beautiful store with plenty to occupy your senses, so give yourself time to take in the sights and scents. Call them at 570-325-3850, or browse their website and order online at http://soapothecary.com.

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